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Lisbon, Portugal: APDC Digital Business Congress

I have been speaking globally for many years now, travelling and giving speeches to 1000s of people on:

  • Recent technology advancements in AI, Neurotech, Crypto, Robotics and/or Bioengineering
  • How emerging technologies will change business
  • Falling in love with learning, staying curious, and self-growth
  • My journey advocating for myself in technology as a young woman and student
  • and many other topics. Speeches are always moving, filled with thoughts and stories, live-demos, and hopefully some humor.

      * Empodera Live Keynote Speech, Malaga, Spain June 2024
      * Sheridan College Keynote Commencement Speech, Toronto, Canada, May 2023
      * Healthcare Distribution Alliance Keynote Speech, Austin, Texas, April 2022
      * Villars Institute Symposium Keynote Speech, Switzerland, June 2022
      * DEVCON Opening Keynote Speech, Edmonton, Canada March 2021
      * KPMG Banff Retreat, Innovation Panel, Alberta, Canada November 2019
      * APDC The Future of Business Keynote Speech, Lisbon, Portugal,  November 2019
      * Move The Dial Global Summit Panel, November 2019
      * Fortune Brainstorm Finance, New York, June 2019
      * Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit, Sept 2019
      * Websummit Keynote Speech on Neurotech, and Genetics Panel, Lisbon, Portugal, Nov 2018  
      * Singularity University Calgary, Canada, Apr 2019
      * DEVCON Japan, Oct 2019
      * Government of Canada Innovation Gala, Feb 2018
      * CDO Summit NYC Keynote Speech, Aug 2018
      * Collision Conference Keynote Speech, May 2019
      * RBC Futuremakers, May 2018
      * Elevate Tech Fest, Sept 2017, Sept 2018
      * CPPIB Blockchain Group, Dec 2018
      * TKSummit, Mar 2018
      * EDCON, May 2018
      * IT Women in Tech Luncheon, July 2019
      * Government of Ontario Innovation Symposium, Aug 2019
      * PWC, Apr 2019
      * Discovery Channel Daily Planet, Apr 2018
      * Inside the CryptoKingdom Documentary, Nov 2018
      * Evoke, Jun 2018, Nov 2019
      --- To book me as your speaker, please send me an email.