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Youngest Speaker at Fortune's Brainstorm Finance in Montauk, NY. Interviewed by Shawn Tulley
On Global News and Discovery Channel
On CBC News and Interviewed at Collision Tech Conference.
Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, and Top 29 Canadians Article
Woman of The Year by Cryptochicks and Developer 30 Under 30
Inside the Cryptokingdom Documentary
  1. fortune.jpg
    What’s Next in Blockchain? Ask This Teenage Engineer
    Fortune Magazine
  2. discovery.jpg
    Kid Scientist Hangs Out in Studio | Daily Planet
    Discovery Channel
  3. dis.jpg
    Disrupt Podcast - B.C.I’s w/Ananya Chadha
    The Disrupt Podcast
  4. globalNews.jpg
    17-year-old develops brain-controlled technology
    Global News
  5. empimp.jpg
    Neurotechnology: Connecting our brains to overcome global challenges
    Empodera IMPACT
  6. dailyHive.jpg
    23 Canadian women currently making big moves in the tech scene
    Daily Hive
  7. fortune.jpg
    Brainstorm Finance: A Conversation With a Young Cryptocurrency Engineer
    Fortune Magazine
  8. cision.jpg
    Toronto student wins First Prize in’s Impossible Science Challenge"
  9. blockleaders.jpg
    The Teenager Editing Human Genes with Blockchain
  10. vodafone.jpg
    La adolescente capaz de conectar su cerebro a un ordenador
  11. dinhero.jpg
    Três jovens brilhantes da tecnologia para quem ir à escola é "perder tempo"
    Dinhero Vivo
  12. ulyces.jpg
    23 portraits d’en­fants et d’ados qui changent le monde malgré leur âge | 23 Youth Changing the World
    Ulyces News
  13. emp.jpg
    Empodera Impact entrevista a Ananya Chadha
  14. sheridan.jpg
    Renowned engineer and designer Ananya Chadha inspires at Sheridan’s Interaction Design Year End Show
    Sheridan Newsroom
  15. topclass.jpg
    Interning at Musk’s Neuralink, Blockchain, Making Luck and Studying at Stanford
    Top The Class Podcast
  16. drf.jpg
    Welcoming the Class of 2022 Partners
    Dorm Room Fund
  17. forbes.jpg
    Equipping Youth To Change The World
  18. cbcnews.png
    Canada not ready to embrace new technologies, says Ananya Chadha | The Big Fix
    CBC News
  19. mwshow.jpg
    Ananya Chadha, brain computer developer
    The Millennial Way Show
  20. globalNews.jpg
    Ananya Chadha Discusses Gene-Editing
    Global News
  21. cbcnews.png
    Ananya Chadha Discusses Neurotech
    CBC News
  22. cdn.jpg
    Women in the IT Channel Recognition Luncheon 2019 – Ananya Chadha
    Channel Daily News
  23. wv.jpg
    Neurotechnology, Venture Capital, Gene-editing and much more | Episode #1 w/ Ananya Chadha
    Wavefnt Podcast
  24. web.jpg
    This is the Future
  25. dm.jpg
    How stories challenge bias & build better technology
    Digital Moment
  26. cbcnews.png
    Canada isn’t ready for the emerging technologies of the 21st century, warns AI developer
    CBC News
  27. sing.jpg
    Your Vision For the Future
    Singularity University
  28. fc.jpg
    How This Program Turns Ordinary Teens into Tech Superheroes
    Fast Company
  29. tks.png
    TKSummit: Ananya Chadha
  30. elevate.jpg
    Fireside Chat
  31. curiosity.jpeg
    Studying Neurotech Engineering @ Stanford, Developing Brain Computer Interfaces
    Curosity Podcast
  32. np.jpg
    Schools Seek Real World Experiences
    National Post
  33. kpmg.png
    IWD2020 Panel
  34. web.jpg
    DNA Disruption, What Genomics Needs Next
  35. refinery29.jpg
    The Canadian Game-Changers, Culture-Makers & Boys’ Club-Crashers Who Owned 2019
  36. ed.jpg
    DevCon 2021 keynote speaker Ananya Chadha answers 20 rapid-fire questions
    Edmonton Unlimited